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About Tara O'Neill & Vitality

Welcome to Vitality Yoga and Wellness, where I, Tara O'Neill, am dedicated to guiding you on a transformative journey of yoga, wellness, and healing.

At Vitality, we offer a diverse range of services. We are a renowned yoga studio, a thriving hub for antigravity yoga, a tranquil treatment room, and a rich source of knowledge for all things related to yoga and wellness.

Since its inception in 2005, Vitality has flourished alongside my deep passion for yoga, wellness, and holistic healing. It has become the embodiment of my yoga classes, holistic treatments, corporate work, and teaching.

To explore each facet of Vitality, simply navigate through the relevant pages on this website.

A little about my background: My personal training and health studies journey began in 1993, driven by a strong desire to promote well-being and elevate endorphins—the happy hormones—in individuals.


I immersed myself in the fitness and personal training industry, ultimately opening my own studio in 1997.

However, my path took a life-altering turn when I attended my first yoga class. From that moment, I was captivated. I eagerly attended as many classes as possible, quickly embarking on the journey to become a certified yoga teacher.

My philosophy revolves around the profound potential of yoga and holistic therapies. They possess the remarkable ability to heal, enhance overall health, and transform our perspective on life.

In my classes, I empower students to create a sacred yoga space, encouraging them to be fully present and mindful throughout the practice. I firmly believe in fostering a lighthearted, enjoyable atmosphere where everyone feels at ease and revitalized.

Join me at Vitality Yoga and Wellness as we embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, well-being, and vitality.









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