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Corporate Wellness

Investing in the physical and mental wellbeing of your team is a fantastic way to boost morale, increase productivity, and improve the quality of work overall.


My most popular Corporate Wellness programmes include:

Massage and holistic treatments

This can be for specific teams, or on a company-wide basis. I give 30 minute therapeutic massage treatments, focusing on tension in key areas such as the back, shoulders and neck. 

Mindfulness and meditation classes 

These classes will help your team access mindfulness and a sense of calm, which in turn reduces stress levels in the workplace. 

Testimonials from some of my Corporate Clients

"Tara is a great person and a great therapist, a pleasure to work with. She brings a lot of positivity to the work place and to our clients. 
A very reliable therapist and great healer."

- Stefano Manaserro, Director at ASM Health Care

"Tara has an exceptional spirit which is manifested in the quality of the treatments she provides at Vitality. Over the past few years dealing with the stresses of life, I have often turned to Tara for advice on relevant treatments. She takes her time to understand, excuse the pun the holistic picture of the individual in front of her and suggest the treatments accordingly. You only have to look at the myriad of professional qualifications Tara has earned over her extensive career to understand this is NOT a hobbyist providing treatments, this is a professional dedicated to her craft and gift.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending Tara and Vitality as an exceptional individual and provider of treatments that can make a difference."

Paul Dwyer,  Chief Executive Officer at Cyber Risk International, 2011