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"One's own Abode" - Svadisthana, The Sacral Chakra

The name Swadhisthana is derived from Swa (one's own) and Adhisthana (the place of residence).

This chakra is nestled in the region of the lower belly; the colour associated with it is orange and the element is water. It governs all things fluid in the body such as tears, circulation, menstrual cycle etc. The associated sense is taste. Having met our survival needs and established stability, strength and security at the Root Chakra, we turn our attention toward pleasure at the Sacral Chakra. This chakra is concerned with enjoyment, fulfilling our need to be creative and to be able to go with the flow. It also corresponds to our vitality and our capacity for play. Swadisthana represents our most important emotional centre; it is about emotional stability, confidence, sociability, creativity, tenderness, nurturing, touch and the ability to have a healthy sexual relationship. While the physical aspects of sex are to do with the Root Chakra, consciousness of sexuality and sexual choices are connected to the Sacral Chakra. Here we can balance the masculine and female aspects of our nature. It is about acceptance of sexuality and all that involves, including the expectations, norms, challenges, roles etc associated with gender in our society.

The corresponding part of the brain for Swadhisthana chakra is the unconscious mind. It is linked to our stored memories, emotions, information, tolerance and forgiveness and how we relate to other people. Swadhisthana Chakra is the most important centre for Kundalini awakening as it is here due to these past mental impressions; perceptions and experiences the energy tends to get blocked again and again. The work here is about learning to go with change and relax our resistance to life, letting go of our desire to be in control and to influence the world in which we live and allowing ourselves to open up, experience, feel and accept life as it really is.

When this Chakra is balanced it brings a sense of creativity, purpose and self-confidence as we begin to recognize our talents and develop an ability to deal with change. A person with a healthy Sacral Chakra will feel secure, self-accepting and forgiving and will radiate warmth and sincerity having a healthy respect for other people's feelings. They are reliable and have good leadership skills, they are able to take charge and never to be a victim; they will be decisive, without fear of rejection or the unknown; they possess good intuition and a good sense of humour, can be spontaneous, able to make healthy choices and take calculated risks. A person who has an imbalance in the Sacral Chakra may experience stiffness and resistance in the physical body and in the way they live their life, there may be feelings of emotional instability, inhibited or excessive sexual preoccupation, guilt, insecurity, fear of change, powerlessness, isolation and oversensitivity. The pelvic and the reproductive organs are located in this area and are thus most susceptible when this chakra is blocked.

Useful Practices for the Sacral Chakra:

Svadisthana is about movement, pleasure, joy and connecting with the creative aspect of our personalities. Tasting and savouring our food fully and taking part in activities such as yoga, dance, music, cooking, writing or any other that brings joy or helps us to express our creativity will be beneficial. We can also create space and energy for new opportunities in our lives by letting go of physical and emotional stuff that we tend to hold on to.

Asana practice for Svadisthana will stimulate the sacral area and encourage movement and flow. Include postures such as Cat – Cow; Fluid hip circles on all fours; Pigeon; seated or lying Bound Angle; Moving bridge and flows such as Warrior II/Side Angle/Peaceful Warrior. The bija mantra for the sacral chakra is “Vam”, try using it in your practice. Above all have fun and remember to bring joy into your practice.

Nutrition to cleanse the Sacral Chakra: Oranges, melons, coconuts and other sweet fruits are good sacral chakra healing food. Cinnamon is also useful, as is drinking plenty of water.

Essential Oils for the Sacral Chakra: Sandalwood, patchouli, orange, rose and ylang-ylang essential oils can be used as aromatherapy for second chakra healing.

Healing Crystals for the Sacral Chakra: include citrine, carnelian, orange calcite, and other orange stones. Moonstone can also be used because of this chakra’s association with water and the moon

The hours completed on our "Journey through the Chakras" course will count towards your Yoga Alliance Educational hours.

Interested in delving a little deeper into the Chakras?

Both Lucy and I hold a Journey through the Chakras course for Yogatherapy Ireland in Marino Institute from November. This is a 4 day course held over 4 months. 0872167611 or for more details.

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