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Namaste...Whoops! its been a few years

Whoops!..cant believe its been three years since I updated this blog.

In fairness it has been a busy three years with studio classes, therapy clients and the Yoga Teacher Training school.

We are now on our 4th group of 200 hour trainnees and our 1st of 300 hour yoga Teacher traininees. Both groups are full of awesome yogis and were due to graduate this summer. The trainings have now been suspended until studio training is possible as we decided it would be a shame to miss out on the studio weekends together for the last few months of each training. We have however, all kept in contact on zoom/whatspp throughout lockdown, keeping the tribe vibe :)

As a result I will be deferring my 200 hour September Yoga Teacher Training to accomodate the present trainnings, with no dates confirmed as of yet. Will keep you updated about my Yin Yoga Teacher training Aug/Sept 2020

2020 has been challenging for us all. I am aware in particular of those who are struggling and have lost loved ones. I have been cocooning since the second week in March as I am high risk with Alpha 1 and Asthma and I must admit I have and still am enjoying this slower pace of life. Plenty of time for self-care, sadhana(spiritual practice), playing instruments,reflection and stillness. Also love that fact that I have not had to do a food shop since March too. For this, I am deeply grateful.

I am still teaching five classes a week online via zoom to many of my students and a couple via Facebook live such as Sound Healing and Yoga Barre. Building a library of classes for my YouTube channel, something I only used before to store some of our old Antigravity Aerial Yoga performances. lts been a wonderful opportunity for me to just wing it, to explore teaching online from my home. Playing with microphones, musical instruments, lighting, doggys barkings etc . So grateful for my wonderful students keeping me motivated/ focused and on my mat daily.

I really cant imagine how my life would be without yoga and the journey it has taken me on. It has fully held and supported and grounded me at this time.

Stay safe and at home if you can. Limit your time on social media, keep your body healthy with nutritious food and well with some form of exercise. Read a book. Meditate. Listen to music. Dance like no one is watching. Know that its perfectly OK to not be OK at anytime, but particularly now. It is also OK to be OK. We are all in this together(pandemic), but each

having a very different and individual experience. Seek medical help when you need it mentally/emotionally and of course physically.

Hope to see you on a mat/hammock/barre/plinth at some time in the future

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

Tara xxx

Here is one of my Lockdown offerings. PJs and Candlelight Yin Yoga. A lovely practice to finish the day with xx

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