A Tarot reading is like a snapshot of what your life looks like at the time of the reading. The cards tune into your energy - the person asking the question - to give you a picture of unseen influences, patterns of behavior, obstacles, and strengths.


A reading can give you an idea of where you are now, where you've come from, where you want to be, and how to get there.

While the Tarot gives suggested actions to take and a likely outcome if you take them, it does not predict the future.


The future is not a static or unchangeable thing. You make choices and decisions each moment of your life, whether or not you are conscious of them. The gift of free will allows each person the ability to create the future he or she wants.


With the insight gained through a Tarot reading, you will be better equipped to make decisions and take action that is in line with your best interests, growth and development.

Tarot readings are €40, and available by appointment only.

Please keep in mind that the tarot reading will only give you the potentials for the moment in time that the cards are drawn; they will not determine your future; only you can do that by the actions you take. But they may help clarify the issues, highlight influences and provide advice on possible ways of handling a situation.

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