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Dry Needling

What is Dry Needling?


Dry needling also known as myofascial trigger point dry needling is a form of therapy in which fine acupuncture needles are inserted into specific areas of the body for therapy of muscle pain, including pain related to myofascial pain syndrome.


Is Dry Needling Safe?


Dry needling is very safe. Serious side effects are very rare-less than one in 10,000 treatments


What is Dry needling used for?


  • Improve joint mobility

  • Reduce muscle tightness

  • Decrease pain and irritation

  • Ease tension and headaches

  • Facilitate return to full functional activities

Dry Needling can treat the following musculoskeletal problems where the muscles are thought to be the primary contributing factor to the symptoms:

  • Neck and back pa

  • Shoulder pain

  • Tennis elbow

  • Golfer's elbow

  • Buttock and leg pain

  • Sciatica

  • Hamstring strains

  • Knee pain

  • Chronic Calf tightness and nighttime cramp


Does Dry needling have side effects?


You need to be aware that;


Drowsiness occurs after treatment in a small number of people, and, if affected you are advised not to drive


Minor bruising or bleeding occurs after needling in about 3% of treatments


Symptoms may get worse after treatment(less than 3%). You should tell your practitioner about this. It is usually a good sign.


A maximum of three areas will be worked on during a session to avoid overloading the nervous system. Treatment may be booked as a stand-alone treatment or used in conjunction with side another therapy.

Stand-alone €30

Added to a one-hour treatment +€10




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